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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Lead by Patti Keating Kahn and, PK2Group will guide you through the process of finding a space fitting for your business, whether an entrepreneur or on the go executive, we think of our tenants like family. Our group has over 24 years of experience in the office space market, in which we have established a high reputation, showing first-rate negotiation skills and excellent customer service. Our flawless track record has given us the opportunity to have invaluable connections locally and internationally.

Our Story

The Colby Abbot Building is a six-story, mixed-use building in downtown Milwaukee that was designed by the prolific architect Edward Townsend Mix.


It was originally built as the headquarters of the Wisconsin Central Railroad Corporation, with the building’s name having derived from the company’s leadership, President and Treasurer Charles Colby and Vice President and Secretary Edwin Hale Abbot. The central Wisconsin cities of Colby and Abbotsford are likewise named after the railroad, with Colby being named by Charles’ Gardner L. Colby after his son, and Abbotsford being named after Abbot. However, in 1926 the Gustave E. Kahn and two other partners purchased the building from them.

The building has seen several changes since it was originally built back in 1885. The front entrance and lobby of the building were originally on Mason St., which has been relocated to Milwaukee St., and now the original entrance is a tavern space. For even more of a drastic change, the building was originally built with five floors in mind, the sixth was added as an addition early in the Colby Abbot history. The building was originally known as the Colby & Abbot Building, with the name on display in a sign over the original entrance to the building. Today it’s simply known as The Colby Abbot Building.

The first floor of the building underwent an extensive renovation in 2010 that replaced the mid-century masonry facade with glass panes that expose the arches that were once a key part of the first-floors design. The redesign also created two street-facing retail stalls, 755 N. Milwaukee St. and 757 N. Milwaukee St.

Then in June 2020 we suffered a three-alarm fire. After the fire we of course could not let the building go. So, we opted to have it rebuilt and renovated from the ashes. Repair work took more than a year to complete but was well worth the investment as the family within the building is growing ever stronger. To show our support in our community and the diverse and inclusive representation in how we conduct business, in 2020 Shepard Fairey was commissioned to paint the voting rights mural on the north side of the building, where it proudly sits today.

Our passion for a strong familial community is unmatched. We seek to bring entrepreneurs like you, from all walks of life to a place where you can feel welcomed and give that first awe inspiring feeling to all of your clients first visit.


Come join a family. Be a part of the Colby Abbot Building.

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